Crumbling Kingdom From, ‘The First Collection’ By River

Crumbling Kingdom


It’s placement necessary in order to fiend for stability.

I have been told my entire life,


You never know what you got, until it’s gone.

Therefore, one would expect fear to consist throughout life, no?

Stability is a frame of mind not all associate with peace;

Peace is a rather passive stance to take when we go through so much.

Our beliefs are illusions;

What is certain is reality,

And what is reality except for the mystery of not knowing-

Left with an urge to seek greatness, godliness.

Tearing down temple will not bring about the loss of faith-

Perhaps in the young, the ignorant.


They never hold on to words anyway.

Burning bibles will offer a similar result,

And yet war persist,

And peace is dismissed as the passive stance of the young.

Silently seeping under the satin sheets of kings is not chaos,

But nightmares of rebellion.

Even Jesus Christ had enemies,

And his enemies eventually…

I don’t know-

I never made it passed the pastures,

Or appreciated the sacrifices of the beloved son.

I often slept away from the rising sun,

a terrible pun unless like me you are indeed a celestial being.

Duets with the moon before I wept for the wolves howling,

Hoping to one day hear a reply positively not an echo.

So lonely are the superiors,

so lovely are their gifts,

So few are their whims-

Though in the plethora of expectations they drown

prior to reaching final destinations,

Incomparable is the folly of falling from the sky amidst the meteor storm,

Only to learn the ground does indeed exist.

That is what makes a lord a lord, a king a king;

The fear of becoming the zenith, incomparable.

Balancing the world on one’s fingertips

Only to discover the mind is far too vast to grasp.

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