LA2050 Grant Funding: Arts & Cultural Vitality


Children’s Workbooks Lome,Togo
Taken By Kine Fall

I’ve been looking around lately at a lot of intentional communities and projects going on in California and around the world to get a sense of where I might be able to fit in and volunteer my time and skills as an artist. I realized that what is really needed when starting an organization or project is a lot of perseverance and drive. There are many people who feel discouraged or like they don’t have the means to help out but really all it takes is imagination and love. 

As far as Los Angeles goes, it’s such an exciting time for us here to start implementing radical changes in our neighborhoods and schools! The wonderful thing is that many kids and young adults are speaking out about their thirst for knowledge on how to be healthier and gain support, they are reaching out! I wanted to highlight some interesting things i read in the “Arts & Cultural Vitality” section of the LA2050 website.  For one thing its obvious that the arts SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCES HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. They list three main guidelines: 

  1. Presence of opportunities for participation.
  2. Participation in cultural activities
  3. Support

When I think about those three things and really break down in my head what art can do to help others lives many ideas come to mind. Especially when you consider the fact that we are all consciously creating our realities. We do not have to follow the restrictions or covenants of our society or culture. Each of us can create our own cultures. Our own holiday’s and ceremonies and songs about the things that matter to us and our community. Working with children in the arts and sciences merging them with spirituality could be a very wonderful thing for the future of our planet.

Arts as we know, are always the first to be cut from schools. The one thing that always motivated me to get up and go to school in the morning was the few hours we would get to learn how to draw, or about rhythm, or how to do a traditional dance from some other country… those were the best times of my grade school days and they fueled my thoughts and questions about the world and how society works.

Art does not [always] solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence.” 
Magdalena Abakanowicz

I am hoping this post will stimulate some of my  readers to join me and offer up some feedback as to how WE can create some projects or programs that will engage youth with the magical wonders of art.



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