Solidarity from Chiapas with California prison hunger strike

Its beautiful to witness such collaboration between nations of people all over standing their inherent connection. This is what we would like to see more of, and so we share this information so that it is known that acts of solidarity prove that there is no loss of humanity or compassion in the world.

I want to include this mantram from the NGWS  to recite at this time

I am one with my group brothers & sisters
And all that I have is theirs
May the love which is in my Soul*
Pour forth to them
May the strength which is in me
Lift & aid them
May the thoughts which my Soul creates
Reach & encourage them.


Prison Books Collective

ZapatistasFrom San Francisco Bay View

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, July 30, 2013 – From the United States, the heart of the empire that imposes its laws on the entire planet, thousands of voices of the most scorned and forgotten people are now being raised to show millions of men and women what dignity really is.

The 30,000 prisoners who have launched a hunger strike in the prisons of California in the United States are our brothers and sisters. All these men and women who refuse to be silent, who are right to rebel, who defend their dignity by defying a powerful government to which the European governments have bowed down deserve the respect and admiration of the whole world.

The United States is a country where freedom is reserved for the rich and well-to-do classes, big businessmen, financiers and the political class. They are free to earn as much…

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