Ways YOU can advocate Arts Education in Your School District


Because we all know deep down how vital it is to keep the arts thriving in our public schools. Without the arts students are left with little to no motivation to get up and go to school. Programs that include subjects that students themselves can find an interest or hobby in will provide an environment where there is less time spent on discipline and more on learning. Kids need to express themselves, growing up in a city with lots of people, cars, and anger can be scary. The arts offer a window of solace and expression for adolescents so they can spend time thinking about big grand ideas to make their environment a better place to live! This is all about investing in our future.

We often are easy to give up changing the laws and regulations that no longer serve us as a community. But this post is to remind you how simple it really is to put that energy out there.

Here are some “Done in a Day” projects I found on the California Alliance For Arts Education Page.

Document Arts Education

Joe Fusaro, Senior Education Advisor for Art 21, offers a simple, sensible advocacy strategy: document arts education. “About once a week I will walk through our hallways and take photos of colleagues’ work with their classes. Whether we’re sharing video of students engaged in a particular unit of study with parents, utilizing photos when building portfolios, or displaying works of art through a digital gallery, keeping a digital camera and video camera close by can be a wonderful habit to fall into.” These photos and videos often make their way “to a variety of places where they get shared, including: the district website and annual calendar, parent workshops.” Documentation is also a vital part of compelling for advoacy materials. Read more at the Art 21 Blog. Illustration by Dierdre O’Sullivan.

Write a Letter to Your School Board

A letter to your local school board can influence public opinion and rally the public to support arts education in your district.

Use this sample letter [PDF:337K] to craft a message to your school board. Then share it with your networks and collect signatures. Present the letter at the next school meeting.

  • Toolkit for Winning School Board Support for Arts Learning
    Keep Arts In Schools has introduced an advocacy toolkit that provides compelling data as well as real-life examples of how parents and other influential groups are successfully lobbying their school boards.

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