Doonkey Spirit Marco Munich

The donkey animal totem is not known for what you may think! Nope, Donkey is a totem for those who are to be of service to humanity! Marco Munich is an indigo, with an eye for the true nature of his subjects. He has recently translated his page (his native language being italian) and has expressed an interest in sharing with Collectivus.

The best part about that is, EVERYONE is apart of collectivus, even you who are reading this! We are a collective consciousness of artists who want to usher in light, awareness, and truth! Into the breath of humanity. Marco we welcome and thank you for giving us the permission of sharing your journey with the collective. For bringing to light another piece of our grand symphony.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 1.56.46 PM

Screenshot from wedding gallery.

His page, Titled Doonkey :”il racconto in uno scatto” is a graceful snapshot of Marco’s worldview. The gallery features some of his best portraits, nature and wedding photography which are exquisite and carry and other worldly air of peace and tranquility. There is another treasure to be found on his page when you look at his blog section, some very well written reviews on a selection of paintings, photographs, film stills that truly illustrate his impeccable taste and eye.


Here he allowed me to share one!



Canaletto was one of the first painters to use the darkroom, a disposable that anticipated the camera. His paintings are famous for a vivid realism. Yet, looking at this Capriccio, it is clear that for as much as we can travel the world we will never find a similar place. I have always thought of this painting as a suggestion for aspirant photographers, as if it said that the only reality that we can reproduce is the one that we still have to invent.


Be sure to check out more here!

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