The Divine Feminine Archetype Emerges!

We are closing in on a new paradigm. Women and men all over the planet are awaking to the divinity they withhold. The missing link in our chaotic society has always been the nurturing aspect. The depletion of resources and continuous unsustainable practices are now being met with a clear perspective. When we empower ourselves, we empower humanity as a whole. There is a definite calling in this new year, the nurturing loving nature of feminine archetype has unleashed its wide arms to support the womb of mother Earth as humanity is reborn.

Justice prevails. Love hails. And the light warrior never fails. 

Here is a beautiful poem, written by a fellow Indigo embracing the Goddess Archetype

Goddess, Reborn

I will give you a kiss,

a wish.

Tell you secrets, and curl my lips upwards

As your breathing fades

Like silver, grey, and indigo clouds.

I will unearth royal beings,

Plead at their feet indignifully

For the crumbling remains

Of hallowed crowns.

I will become-
As sacrifice to you,

A vial of dust for infinity.

-Rio Bryant 

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