Kinetic Connections

If you are ever held back by the thought that you lack XYZ to create a masterpiece, here is the place where we break that all down. Once you let go of those suppressing thoughts you can truly find the medium that will break out the message you have held within.

Everyday  we have art books open. We are looking at examples of great artists but not comparing our works to theirs.

The key is to find the niche that speaks to you

Today we bring you the idea of Kinetic arts.


adjective \kə-ˈne-tik also kī-\

: of or relating to the movement of physical objects

What is Kinetic art?

Kinetic art involves motion, generated by motors, by natural phenomena or by the spectator’s action.

                 Jesús Soto is considered one of the founders of Kinetic art.


The Kinetic movement was developed in Paris beginning in 1950. One of the principal promoters of Kinetic art was Denise Rene. Her gallery became the central meeting place for Kinetic artists, such as Soto. Kinetic artists thought that movement was an essential part of the universe and for that reason it had to be integrated into works of art.


“… in order to achieve abstraction, I thought it was important to find a graphic system that would allow me to codify a reality rather than represent it.”

See More Of His Work Here


This is a piece created by artist David C. Roy titled,”Monarch” . When we look at this piece we see the flower of life, and various mandala formations. The sacred geometry that forms all things in nature.

What do you see?

“When I design a new sculpture my goal is a motion or a pattern created by the motion. It is never an identifiable theme or object. When a design comes together I study it in depth considering things like pace, rhythm, sound, excitement.”

Read More On Monarch Here

Windswept by Charles Sowers from Dezeen on Vimeo.

This was an installation by american artist Charles Sowers in San Francisco.

from Artist Statement

“…Other times I try to create instrumentation that allows us insight into normally invisible or unnoticed phenomena – a mirror to reveal the color differences in the overhead sky and the horizon sky or wind directional arrows that map out the complex interface of wind and structure.”

See More of his works Here

This post wouldn’t be complete without Heather Hansen, who uses her entire body to create visual works of poetry in motion. Kinetic art at its finest.

 “In this series, I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process.”

 Heather Hansen




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