The Art Of_ Amelie Petit Moreau

Speaking of Starseed, so many artists out there unconsciously know they are one. Like knowing something internally but never having the external words prescribed to such. The works of this visual artist, Amelie illustrate that inner knowing. In a modern and yet colorful representation of the unseen, we see the ideas of an unconscious starseed.

“Works of art are of an infinite solitude, nothing is worse than critical for addressing Only love can enter them, keep them, they will always be fair to Give reason for your feeling against you.. These analyzes these reports, accounts introductions. Even if you had the same wrong, the natural development of your inner life takes you slowly, over time, to another state of consciousness. Let your judgments their own development, quiet. Do antagonize not because, as any progress, it must come from the depths of your being and can not tolerate either pressure or wait until the end Wear and forth. It’s all there must you leave every print, every germ. feeling mature in you, in the dark, in the inexpressible, in the unconscious, those areas closed to understanding. Wait with humility and patience, the time of the birth of a new clarity. The art requires its simple faithful as much as creators. “

Rainer Maria Rilke , Letters to a Young Poet.
(Translated from french)

More art on her page here

|MonkeyTrick 2|

Compositions created manually and captured digitally / July 14 Pigments ink printing on 
310gsm Fine Art paper In an edition of 3 80x110cm

|Wild Women|

|Dance II|

|Dance III|

Three collages with linocuts printed in Warsaw. 04/12

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