The lowdown _On The Work Within

Have you ever heard the quote,

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In this human experience we have reached a moment where tides will turn. The face of love and unity has made its debut, we are here to re-member our spiritual mission to aid in the evolution of consciousness. The only way to succeed in this endeavor, is to go within. How to start?

It is a fallacy that one must clear their mind to meditate and become one with all that is, when in fact there are many ways.  In fact one must listen to all the chatter in the mind and find the flow. Most often we are in a state of meditation when we are doing that which we love ,whether it be gardening, painting, taking photos, or writing a piece of music. In those times where we are not forcing ourselves to meet an expectation we exceed any limitation that our minds attempt to self impose. This is the place where magic happens. To truly create culture and the loving reality we seek as Starseeds, we must let go of the illusions of the external world and go within.

Start by following intuition, here are some easy tips to start your journey of empowerment:

  1. Ask yourself a question. A simple “What should I do now?” will suffice
    Often times we go with the second choice our mind makes. This time try the very first thing that comes into your mind, whether it’s “Sit still”, or “Go outside”. Follow it. Keep doing this until you find what your intuition wanted you to. Often times when we try this, something that we needed comes to us in the most unprecedented ways. Because you find the flow. As Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water”.
  2. Go somewhere you’ve never been following your “inner compass”
    Instead of using GPS, ask yourself which way to turn to get to where you need to be. Everything is electromagnetically connected. We’ve tried this many times, often our inner compass works better than the GPS! Its all about trust. Doing this also strengthens your connection to the earth. Remaining grounded is key.
  3. Anytime you get a feeling you should be doing or saying something, follow through. 
    Your mind is always telling you whats best, but its all about listening to the first thought. Its always followed by the subconscious which often times has a dark “you’re not good enough” complex to everything it tells you. Its imperative in controlling your thoughts that you do not listen to it. As Badu sang, “You don’t have to believe everything you think” unless its your intuition! Understanding your divinity will be very helpful in knowing which thoughts serve your highest self.
  4. Finally, Connect with the earth!
    No matter what religious dogma you choose to believe, your ancestors had a close relationship to nature and the earth. That is what has got us thus far in the advancement of science and technology. Grounding yourself to the trees, the grass, sand, ocean, or rock can aid to boost the seratonin in your brain. The electric signals all around us prove that everything is energy. Even your thoughts can be felt by the space around you and vice versa. The more in tune you become, the more wisdom you can receive through your intuition. Trust yourself first and foremost.

As your inner landscape begins to shift, so too will your reality. This is the end all be all, of the great work.

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