Starseed_ Lisa Park “Eunoia” Brainwave Art

Water. A substance with so much mystery and intrigue surrounding it. Of what little is scientifically known about the structure of H2o, we inherently know water carries information. Reflective of the wonderous experiments of Masaru Emoto, Lisa Park’s interactive installation titled “Eunoia” & “Eunoia II” gives us a visual experience of the ideas expressed in his work and the works of Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander.

“I have always believed that human emotions come with corresponding waves of energy that we carry within. When I am happy or sad there is an indescribable energy that somehow resonates in others. They feel my vibe as if my energy is echoing off them.” -Lisa Park

This art installation reminds us of the subtleties in the substances that make our very being. Our bodies are as mysterious and expansive as the very universe they occupy. If we go within and listen we may learn of their wonders.

March 22 was world water day. But we at Collectivus challenge you to connect daily, weekly, even monthly with the sources of water nearest you and offer up your gratitude. We are living in dire times. Water may very well become a commodity, but we can change that!

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