Starseed_ The Realism & Fantasy of Ilene Meyer

Ilene Meyer (1938-2009) was a self taught painter who’s work was used on the covers of the novels of well known Sci-fi authors in the 70s such as Philip K. Dick. You won’t find much about her on wikipedia, she is much more popular in Japan than here in the US. We had to share this woman’s works not only because of how she can make the surreal seem real in her paintings, but also because of the fact that she did not have any formal training in the arts. Her first solo exhibition was in 1979, just 9 years after she placed her first work in a time capsule in Seattle. She was inspired by her mothers drawings to paint.

We also love the esoteric and occult themes in all her work. She is illustrating so many complexities of our planet and the forces around it, meshing together mythology and lore of many cultures into one image. This is what art is best used for. A mirror of the unseen world.

Her paintings are filled with messages that appeal to the importance of the preservation and dignity of all life forms

11041R25618-4 11041R25618-7 11041R25618-12 11041R25618-13

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