Starseed_ The Dualistic World of Dee Sunshine

ere at Collectivus, artists gain inspiration and motivation from the reflections of themselves they find in another’s work. When an artist chooses more than one medium to express themselves, it is stepping outside the box of our current paradigm. Art can be an unbound spiritual process, a channelling and a “letting go” that leaves both the artist and the audience, reborn. 

I express light by contrasting it to shadow, which is the only way it can be seen in this dualistic world.

-Dee Sunshine

505-a. Red Dreams And Razorblades - Dee Sunshine

Red Dreams And Razorblades – Dee Sunshine

Dee Sunshine is a writer, artist, musician, spiritual healer, tantric massage therapist and yoga teacher.  His black and white illustrations first caught our attention and danced with our imagination until we read his poetry and took a full on trip to his world. On the road, Sunshine has spent time traveling in Europe and Asia since August 2006. He is the author of three poetry collections,The Bad Seed (Stride, 1998), Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels (Bluechrome, 2004) and Visions Of The Drowning Man (Skylight Press, 2012); and one novel, Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God (Bluechrome, 2004).  We sent him our interrogation and he happily replied and agreed to share his wonderful works.

Dream Eclipses Reality

Yesterday I painted
Great big happy faces
On all the skyscrapers
In the Gorbals…
And what if skyscrapers
Really did scrape
The sky?
I would attach paintbrushes
Dripping with rainbow colours
To their radio masts
And lightning conductors.

Dee Sunshine

736-a. Re-Awakened - Dee Sunshine

Re-Awakened – Dee Sunshine

733-a. Dhanakosa - Dee Sunshine

Dhanakosa – Dee Sunshine

Women Singing

You, your all
is in your giving,
your wisdom
in the brass veins
of your voice.

To touch you
is to shiver
in a field of yesterdays
with women singing
this is how I have loved,
their voices melting
in a cauldron
of blacksmith fire.

With milk then
they give of their children,
their songs carrying
out of time
into the true spaces
of savage dawn.

Dee Sunshine

701-a. New Age Outrage - Dee Sunshine

New Age Outrage – Dee Sunshine

. Did you attend and complete formal art school/ class? 

I went to Edinburgh College of Art from 1986-1991 and studied Sculpture, however I stopped making sculpture and moved onto mainly black and white ink drawing as I am generally nomadic by nature and sculptures are pretty heavy baggage.

. What is your preferred medium and why?

 Actually, my preferred medium is the written word, which I like to record and make weird ambient soundscapes for.  Second to that is the drawing.

577-a. Metamorphosis - Dee Sunshine


Feel the waves that give us our birth,
lift us through life, take us to death,
return us to the Earth.
Blue as a soul kiss, they eclipse
the trivial frictions, the irritations:
describe a perfect ellipse,
define the strange symmetry of living.
In waves there is essence,
the quintessence of motion:
I move and you move through me
as waters move through the ocean.

Dee Sunshine

. Did you quit your job to practice your art full time?

 I sold my house in 2006 and went off traveling, mainly in Asia, where I learned many of the therapeutic skills I now have.  It also afforded me the opportunity to draw and write, unencumberred by having to work “for a living”. The house is more or less spent now and I am back in Scotland for the foreseeable future.  I am in the process of endeavouring to set myself up as a tantric massage therapist and yoga teacher professionally, and will do my other creative projects part-time…. I guess I have always been a part-time artist anyway.  For me, there are other things much more important than creating!

Buddha Poem

You taught me to be here with my full attention,
to cherish each moment as precious,
more sacred than memory
or the dreams that tomorrow may bring.

is the milk that sustains us
and in it is a beauty and wonder
that I used to search for,
imagining it was far yonder.

is a flower in crescendo,
vibrant with the full colour
of all its yesterdays.

Here and now, I am the sum total of all my days;
you have taught me the mindfulness of being
and I honour this, with gratitude and stillness,
the song of you present in the core of me.

Dee Sunshine

Are you self-employed ?

I am a spiritual and sexual healer.  I practice a number of forms of this.  Spiritual Healing is a form of energetic healing, similar to Reiki, except that it is something that one spontaneously opens up to, as happened to me just over 20 years ago, starting me on a journey towards the light.  I also offer up tantric massage, which is a deep, healing, massage working specifically on clearing blockages and tension in and around the genitals.  I have done a lot of tantra training over the years, and have just recently begun offering workshops and one-to-one tuition as well as massage.

I aim to soon be mobile and travelling throughout the UK, so anyone interested in receiving a tantra massage should get in touch with me by email initially, at and I can give you more specific information and a sheet of testimonials etc.

. Do you believe people can have many artistic focuses?

In the current paradigm, if you want to succeed, it makes more sense to focus in only one field.  However, I am happy to spread myself wide and be a “jack of many trades”.

097-a(x) Angela Devi - Dee Sunshine

Angela Devi – Dee Sunshine

095-a(x) The Magus - Dee Sunshine

The Magus – Dee Sunshine

. What inspires you to create?

 A fire in my belly

. What is the meaning of life?


Find more of his work here

If you are interested in purchasing prints, notebooks, with these printed on it check out his redouble! 

*There are some amazing collages on there worth checking out!

Do you know an artist who should be featured or would you like to be featured yourself? Let us know!

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