The Lowdown_ Shielding & Grounding

Grounding and Shielding are essential for any Starseed, Empath, or Lightworker. Before attempting to astral project, lucid dream, shamanic journey, or anything that requires you leave your body it is essential that you first be grounded and shielded.

If you are an empath you know how the energy around you can easily effect your well-being and peace of mind. One minute you are having a great time and the next, you have absorbed the negative after effects of a bar fight. The end of the night you are just drained and irritated.

Besides the physical energy we can see in a fight, there are subtle energies that effect us empaths also. Traumatic events have occurred nearly everywhere, and when they do they leave behind psychic debris and often times spirits. These beings can manipulate the dark aspects already within you and attack others through you. We have heard over and over in news stories families and friends of perpetrators claiming, “They were the sweetest kid, never got in trouble before.” Although we are not claiming this is always the case, someone who can sense subtle energy knows.

So now you want to learn how to protect yourself?
First you must cleanse yourself and your space.


Grounding Technique

Wherever you are, find your center. Take three deep breaths, hold them in for as long as you can and let them out. Then imagine at the top of your head and base of your spine, opening like the aperture on the shutter of a camera. There is a chord of light that goes down into the center of the earth, and the light spreads and locks into the core. Let whatever image you receive flow for you. Some people imagine a gem in the center that starts out foggy and clears up. Then the light travels back up through your body, through your chakras, out the top of your head, and all the way around your whole body creating a bubble or an egg of light that protects and shields you.

Now if you want to fortify your forcefield! 
Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre, and on the screen in front of you there will be a symbol. That symbol will represent what ever energy of protection you need to fortify your shield with. Take that symbol or image and plaster it around your shield. Some of us here at Collectivus see staffs some of us use iron shields from like, skyrim to decorate ours. But mind you, don’t go around telling everyone you have a shield covered in swords around you!

Yes it really is that simple! But is it?
Do you trust yourself? Your intuition and imagination?
Thats all it takes to regain the power you already hold to protect yourself!

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