Written Word_ Milky Way Musings

I can see the golden rays of sunlight beaming down through the trees, onto cliff sides as gentle waves kiss the rocks below and on  giant pyramidal islands out near the horizon. I know that I am in a kingdom, my kingdom… the moment I remembered we had parked out by the edge of the highway.

“Woah, babe your aura is decorated with so many fucking stars” The way he looks at me makes me feel like magic. He threw me down on the hood of the car, and I looked up and saw it. Not a cloud in sight, but still something was in the sky. Some gorgeous stream of white iridescence splashed along my convex view.

“Its the Milky Way”, dazed whispers filled the silence between us.

My heart burst forth into visions of places i’ve been but not seen with these physical eyes. Somehow I knew, that is where I came from, where I am going, and what I live to know.

Light After Death: Mihoko Ogaki’s ‘Milky Way’ Figures Project Stars from Within

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