Starseed_ Jim Burns’ Sci-Fi Multiverse of Majestic Maidens

Jim Burns has been dubbed Grand Master of the science fiction world and after looking into his multiverse we see why. He has worked on many well known science fiction publications throughout the 70s continuing on to today, projects that range few and far between medieval fantasies like Game of Thrones to the Sci-Fi dystopia of Blade Runner. His published illustrations feature gorgeous heroines tackling wild and fantastic spaces with grace and fierceness.   Most who love this genre know this wonderful inspiring artist well, but for those of you who have yet to feast your eyes. Bon Appetite!



The nature of the business is definitely in a process of “evolution” – and it’s a challenging time to be involved in it. Traditional illustration techniques have combined with the amazing digital tools now at our disposal and it’s certainly a more exciting profession that it was in the past.

-Jim Burns




We’re supposed to view the 1950s as a dreary, grey old time from the perspective of our glittering, gadget-obsessed Now. Certainly young Jim would have marvelled at the world of 2005 – even if it is different in detail from what we might have anticipated. (Most disappointingly . . . the aliens still haven’t landed!) But in all truth I remember my South Wales childhood as a happy time, not at all grey. The typically (illusory?) golden, sun-always-shining days of childhood. I loved drawing and I had a weird, off-beat talent for it. My parents kept me generously supplied with the necessary materials and were always encouraging. “Where does he get it from? There’s no-one on my side of the family” was the constant refrain. And from my father – if I was in one of my not-infrequent fever-dream phases following a cold or some such – “The trouble with you James is – you’ve got too much imagination”.

From an “autobiography” from Jim’s current book of sketches, Imago















Check out more of his works, and buy prints here!

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