3 Ways A Bucket Can Save The Earth

Conserving Water The African Way
(Why Everyone Should Get A BUCKET)
K.Fall, Los Angeles


In Africa, water conservation is a natural gift and talent.That is not to say there isn’t running hot water in Africa, but in parts of the Great Continent there is a lot we can learn from those who live with the land. At my grandmothers home in a small community in Lome’ Togo, we use buckets to shower. There is a running shower and hot water. But we use buckets. We heat the water ourselves outside in a small coal oven and there is no gas stove… same goes for washing clothes, its all done by hand… you get where this is going. You can eliminate your reliance on most appliances and house bills and empower yourself with just any ol’ dollar plastic bucket.

Here are 3 perks to using a bucket to shower in the states where we have the luxury of running hot water all the time:

1.You get CLEAN! Truly, CLEAN. 

When I shower with my bucket of water, I wet my body totally… that takes up half of the water. Then, I clean every part of my body way more throughly than I would if water were constantly running and washing away the soap as I add it. It’s a much more effective way of cleaning yourself. When water is not constantly running on you, you have time to REALLY dig deep and clean. All of a sudden you remember to clean behind your ears.

Africans are not the only ones to do this… In many cultures that are considered to be or titled “3rd world” you have bathhouses supplied with buckets and showers where people wash themselves without a shower running.

2.You are saving the EARTH.

When you use a bucket you are reducing the amount of water you use to shower, therefore there is more water for the whole. Simple as that!

*Also, if you run out of hot water.. you can stretch the time before you pay that bill by heating the water yourself and mixing it with cold water in your…BUCKET.

3. You take shorter showers.

In this matrix time is money, shorter showers mean more money. Boom.

Hope this inspires someone out there to take one step towards being apart of the solution in this climate change battle to save GAIA.

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