A New Marketplace Is Emerging for Indie Artists & Musicians

oxluy5vjvgkmkrj6jskeIn this new paradigm we are doing away with the large corporate stock holders making decisions on what kind of music gets placed in prime time media. That is because as a society we have shown that we value the people’s choice. Through platforms like youtube and Soundcloud, indie creators have been able to bypass all the time and formalities that go into having your works heard and appreciated by the masses. But what if there was a marketplace where we could engage directly with people who have a passion for the music, the art and the promotion that they do?

Volume mob is giving Indie Artists & Musicians a market place to distribute, sell, lease or license their music.


Volume Mob school would bring music programs back into schools and give students the experience and confidence of having something they created shared and appreciated within a network of talented musicians and artists.


Click below to find out more and support their indigo campaign. VolumeMob is out here creating culture and paving the future of music distribution!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.18.49 PM

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