Starseed_Alyxis Audley: The Greatest Gift

“The greatest gift in life, to give.
Alone it is a dream, but together it is a mission.”

-Alyxis Audley


I am honored to share with you all a fellow Starseed and San Diego native, Alyxis Audley, daughter of the Earth, who lives the most authentic lifestyle possible in these crazy times. I have had the pleasure of being a pen pal to this sweet soul…& Her written words left a strong lasting impression of sisterhood within me. Yesterday was her birthday! What better way to celebrate than to share with the world a project that comes from the deepest parts of the heart.  Through her journey she has discovered the gift of music and storytelling through that medium in order to share a message of unity and universal truth.

In a massive time of change, we are within the generation whom wishes to rearrange that which no longer serves us as a whole, as humanity. I, Alyxis Audley, am dedicated to this mission of uplifting all souls lost, found, and searching. I have lived with my people on these very streets, only to find that we are all walking along the same path, working, waiting, and wishing to be found. I wish to extend to all my music, that which has offered me light through darkness. The greatest gift, to give.

Check out more about her project here!

The Greatest Gift In Life Is To Give



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