Starseed_ The Transcendental Workings Of Miles Toland

Miles Toland is an artist that represents a style of painting called Transcendental Art. Miles is an artist that can show us the unseen world, and how it is affected by our consciousness and vice versa.

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The Lowdown_ Merkabah & The Arts Of Ascension

Ascension has been the connecting theme of a lot of phenomena in the secret history of the world. Through depictions of these events we are given clues and insight into the tools we can use for our own spiritual and creative advancement. Some scientists and historians believe the “beings of light” often recorded in ancient lore, are actual stories of aliens that have come down to aid us over time.

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Starseed_Alyxis Audley: The Greatest Gift

In a massive time of change, we are within the generation whom wishes to rearrange that which no longer serves us as a whole, as humanity. I, Alyxis Audley, am dedicated to this mission of uplifting all souls lost, found, and searching. I have lived with my people on these very streets, only to find that we are all walking along the same path, working, waiting, and wishing to be found. I wish to extend to all my music, that which has offered me light through darkness. The greatest gift, to give.

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