Moon Phases & How to Use them

New Moon
The Lunar Phases begin at the New Moon. Today it is all figured out when the actual New Moon occurs,
but in ancient days the New Moon began at the first observance of the crescent Moon.

So, too, today as we cannot see the actual New Moon, the Dark of the Moon is a time for a fresh start, a
clean slate, and a new beginning. It’s a time of gathering our thoughts, planning our campaign, and getting ready for announcing it at the Crescent Moon.

Crescent Moon
The Crescent Moon is the time to announce our intentions, hopes, and wishes for the Lunar Month. It is
good to write them down either on a piece of paper or in our Journal. Journaling can be a valuable tool in
our daily spiritual devotions.

First Quarter Moon
The First Quarter Moon appears approximately a week after the New Moon. We might call the First
Quarter Moon, as well as the Last Quarter Moon, “the half Moon,” because the Moon appears cut in half. It
is not a quarter of a Moon at all in appearance.

At the First Quarter Moon, we might meet challenges we had not prepared for. We may need to make on-
the-spot decisions about how to proceed and then do what needs to be done in order for our intentions to
manifest. It is a time for action.

Gibbous Moon

At Gibbous Moon we may have to refine or edit our primary hopes. Maybe something has happened that
we cannot fulfill our intentions; maybe we changed our mind. Whatever has occurred, this is the time to
rephrase or adjust/edit our written note. There is nothing to fret about; it is a good thing to realize
limitations or change of mind. This is the time that it is easy to accommodate and adjust.

Full Moon

This is the time that our contract is signed, sealed, and stamped. Note that it is not necessarily delivered.
It may be, but if it is not, do not be discouraged. We still have two weeks to devote to this intentional
period. Know that the intention is “out there” in the universe and time is gathering all the circumstances
and other people’s intentions and time frame together to make this happen the best way for all concerned.

Disseminating Moon

This is the time to be grateful, talk about your intention to those who wish you well, share your hopes and
wishes, and ask those who love you to keep good thoughts for you. Tell yourself enthusiastically that your
intentions are “already done.”

Last Quarter Moon

Now is the time to let go, release, and forgive anything and everyone that you may feel has hurt you in any
way. It is a time of emptying self and allowing the universe to take over or whomever you trust in your faith.
It is out of your hands and no more action is needed from you.

Balsamic Moon

Peace. This is the time to surrender, rest, and recuperate. No more thinking, planning, getting in your own
way, or action of any kind; just peace. As the Moon slowly enters “the dark of the Moon,” we allow our visual
minds to become dark, too, and still. Peace.

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