The Lowdown_ Spiritually Cleansing Inside & Outside

So, what does it mean to be spiritually cleansed?

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The Lowdown_ Merkabah & The Arts Of Ascension

Ascension has been the connecting theme of a lot of phenomena in the secret history of the world. Through depictions of these events we are given clues and insight into the tools we can use for our own spiritual and creative advancement. Some scientists and historians believe the “beings of light” often recorded in ancient lore, are actual stories of aliens that have come down to aid us over time.

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The Divine Feminine Archetype Emerges!

We are closing in on a new paradigm. Women and men all over the planet are awaking to the divinity they withhold. The missing link in our chaotic society has always been the nurturing aspect. The depletion of resources and continuous unsustainable practices are now being met with a clear perspective. When we empower ourselves, we empower humanity as a whole. There is a definite calling in this new year, the nurturing loving nature of feminine archetype has unleashed its wide arms to support the womb of mother Earth as humanity is reborn.

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