Path To Acension Checklist

Copied from the page, Acension Soltice Rising… We want to have this page available to all of you at anytime to use when you feel stuck in your life’s path. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see where you are in your Ascension…

Are any of your friendships / relationships controlling, abusive or competitive?

Do you still tell or think about your old stories? These are the old wounds from childhood or past friendships/relationships.

Do you judge yourself or others?

Do you compare yourself to others’ spiritually? I’m more evolved than they or they are further along than I am?

Do you complain about your life or others?

Do you doubt your Intuition or Guidance?

Do you wish, pray or hope that your life was different?

 If your answer to any of these is yes, then know that there is still work to be done to empty out in order to rise in Light, Love and consciousness.
You might be somewhere in between and that is just perfect. In fact in this Moment, whatever you experience is perfectly aligned with your evolution. Each step takes us closer and we don’t have to be perfect with it all; as long as we take a step forward; even a tiny step is enough.

1. If your relationships/friendships are all trusting, supporting, loving and respectful, you have stepped into the New.
2. If you have dropped your old stories and healed your wounds and have forgiven everyone (or are in the process), including yourself, you have stepped into the New.
3. If you accept yourself just the way you are without comparing yourself to others, and you accept others just the way they are, you have stepped into the New.
4. If you accept yourself wherever you are on the Path, you have stepped into the New
5. If you trust 100% your Intuition and Guidance, you have stepped into the New.
6. If you love and accept your life as is, you’ve stepped into the New.
  7. You are loved no matter what, for you are Love! 

~Thank You Kara From Acension Soltice Rising~

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