Starseed_ The Realism & Fantasy of Ilene Meyer

lene Meyer (1938-2009) was a self taught painter who’s work was used on the covers of the novels of well known Sci-fi authors in the 70s such as Philip K. Dick. You won’t find much about her on wikipedia, she is much more popular in Japan than here in the US.

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Starseed_ The Socially Adept Illustrations of Ruth Gwily

At first glance, Ruth Gwily’s illustrations are simple and aesthetic… but in subtext they confront various social problems in society. Peppered in are other illustrations of random things she must enjoy, like Hummus, Fruits, and Wu-Tang Clan and posters/ commissioned pieces .

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The Art Of_ Amelie Petit Moreau

Works of art are of an infinite solitude, nothing is worse than critical for addressing Only love can enter them, keep them, they will always be fair to Give reason for your feeling against you.. These analyzes these reports, accounts introductions. Even if you had the same wrong, the natural development of your inner life takes you slowly, over time, to another state of consciousness. Let your judgments their own development, quiet…

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