Starseed_Alyxis Audley: The Greatest Gift

In a massive time of change, we are within the generation whom wishes to rearrange that which no longer serves us as a whole, as humanity. I, Alyxis Audley, am dedicated to this mission of uplifting all souls lost, found, and searching. I have lived with my people on these very streets, only to find that we are all walking along the same path, working, waiting, and wishing to be found. I wish to extend to all my music, that which has offered me light through darkness. The greatest gift, to give.

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The Divine Feminine Archetype Emerges!

We are closing in on a new paradigm. Women and men all over the planet are awaking to the divinity they withhold. The missing link in our chaotic society has always been the nurturing aspect. The depletion of resources and continuous unsustainable practices are now being met with a clear perspective. When we empower ourselves, we empower humanity as a whole. There is a definite calling in this new year, the nurturing loving nature of feminine archetype has unleashed its wide arms to support the womb of mother Earth as humanity is reborn.

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