Starseed_Alyxis Audley: The Greatest Gift

In a massive time of change, we are within the generation whom wishes to rearrange that which no longer serves us as a whole, as humanity. I, Alyxis Audley, am dedicated to this mission of uplifting all souls lost, found, and searching. I have lived with my people on these very streets, only to find that we are all walking along the same path, working, waiting, and wishing to be found. I wish to extend to all my music, that which has offered me light through darkness. The greatest gift, to give.

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Starseed_ The Socially Adept Illustrations of Ruth Gwily

At first glance, Ruth Gwily’s illustrations are simple and aesthetic… but in subtext they confront various social problems in society. Peppered in are other illustrations of random things she must enjoy, like Hummus, Fruits, and Wu-Tang Clan and posters/ commissioned pieces .

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